Geka - Smith Machinery Company buys and sells press brakes, shears, CNC lasers, lathes, Murata Wiedemann turret presses & punches, mills and more!
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IRONWORKERS: Geka has been manufacturing ironworkers for angle, plates, and profiles - for structural steel, plate fabrication, metal workshops, metal constructions, telecommunication, electricity towers and generally all that is related with civil and industrial construction.                                                                                                                                                                     


One Cylinder Bendicrop Series Hydracrop Series (Two Cylinders)
Microcrop 36 Bendicrop 50 Hydracrop 55
Minicrop 45 Bendicrop 60 Hydracrop 80
Multicrop 45 Bendicrop  85 Hydracrop 110 
    Hydracrop 165
    Hydracrop 220



PUNCHING MACHINES: Geka's Punching Machines are designed to resolve the most simple requirements of the users. Geka has two models of punching machines, the PUMA series and the PP series. The PUMA series consists of 5 different power levels. The PP series is are portable and mounted on wheels. 

PP Series PUMA Series
P Model PUMA 55
G Model PUMA 80
  PUMA 110
  PUMA 165
  PUMA 220




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