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CHR Series

Swing Over Bed 30"
Swing Over Bed 34"
 Swing Over Bed  40"
Swing Over Cross Slide (30") 17.32"
Swing Over Cross Slide (34") 21.65"
Swing Over Cross Slide (40") 27.55"
Max Cutting Length  82" 122" 164"
Height From Floor to Work Center (30") 46.45"
Height From Floor to Work Center (34") 48.62"
 Height From Floor to Work Center (40") 52.4"
 Width of Bed 22"
 Head Stock
Spindle nose  ASA A2-20
Hole through spindle 4.09"
Number of speed changes Auto 4 gear shifts
Range of spindle speed 10~300 RPM
Main drive motor AC  30/37 KW, 40/50 HP (cont)
Rear end of ma" spindle Rear chuck adapter equipped
 Carriage and Compound
Max stroke X axis 20"
Max stroke Z axis 86.6" 126" 165"
Ball screw X axis Dia 32mm P=5
Ball screw Z axis  Dia 63mm P=10
Rapid traverse X axis 8 M (314")/ min
Rapid traverse Z axis 8 M (314")/ min
Servo motor for X axis AC 4 KW
Servo motor for Z axis AC 7 KW
 Tail Stock
Diameter of quill 5.11"
Quill stroke/ Center/ Stroke operation 8.66"/ MT #6/ Manual (Standard), Hydraulic(Option)
Rotating quill stroke/ Center/ Stroke operation 8.66"/ A2-5, MT #6/ Manual (Standard), Hydraulic(Option)
Turret type V8 Hydraulic turret(Standard), V8 AC servo turret (Option)
Hydraulic system 1.50 KW
Lubrication system 0.70 KW
Coolant system 0.75 KW
Chip conveyor 0.75 KW



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