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HL Series

SPECIFICATION HL 2000 HL 2500 HL 3000 HL 4000
Swing over bed

21in / 24in

Swing over cross slide 13.12in / 16.5in
Swing in Gap 28.12in / 31.5in
Center Height 40.93in / 42.81in
Distance between spindle center 80in 100in 120in 160in
Spindle bore 3.12in
Spindle nose A1-11 OR D1-11
Number of speed changes 12
Range of spindle speeds

25-1500 r.p.m

Number of feed changes 76 kinds
Range of feeds per revolution longitudinal

in inch 0.003 - 0.00424

Cross 1/2 against longitudinal feed
Leadscrew diameter and threads per inch 1.37in
4 TPI (P= 6 mm)
Threading range whitworth

4 to 56 TPI - 40 kinds


0.5 to 7 mm - 20 kinds

Module 0.5 to 7M - 20 kinds
D.P. 4 to 28 D.P - 19 kinds
Compound rest top slide travel


Cross slide travel 14.18in
Quill diameter 3.09in
Spindle travel 11.81in
Center MT No. 5
Width of bed 14.5in
Main drive motor 7.5 HP / 10 HP (4P)



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