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HP Series

SPECIFICATION HP 2000 HP 3000 HP 4000 HP 5000 HP 6000 HP 7000
Swing over bed

34in / 40in

Swing over cross slide 25.12in / 31.06In
Center Height 48.62in / 51.50in
Distance between spindle center 84.25in 124.12in 165in 203.21in 247.31in 280.31in
Spindle bore 7.08n
Spindle nose ASA A2-15
Number of speed changes 16
Range of spindle speeds 6-500 r.p.m. / 8-700 r.p.m
Number of feed changes 40 kinds
Range of feeds per revolution longitudinal in inch 0.0024 - 0.0337
Cross 1/2 against longitudinal feed
Leadscrew diameter and threads per inch 1.43in
2 TPI (P= 12 mm)
Threading range whitworth 1 to 28 TPI - 50 kinds
Mertic 1 to 28 mm - 41 kinds
Module 0.5 to 7M - 20 kinds
D.P. 4 to 56 D.P - 50 kinds
Compound rest top slide travel


Cross slide travel 21.25in
Quill diameter 5.12in
Spindle travel 11.81in
Center MT No. 6
Width of bed 22in
Main drive motor 30 HP



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