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Tennsmith continues to build upon eight years of manufacturing excellence with their American made metal forming machinery. Tennsmith has developed a full range of sheet metal tools including Automatic Folders, Hand Brakes, Shears, Slip Rolls, Cleat Benders, Notchers and Rotary Machines. The company is recognized worldwide as a premier leader in the manufacture of sheet metal fabricating machinery. Quality workmanship, product performance and customer satisfaction are the key ingredients of maintaining their future growth.

HAND BRAKES: Tennsmith Hand Brakes include Heavy-Duty, Box & Pan, Universal and Bench-Model.
  • Heavy-Duty Hand Brakes are designed and built for long service and accurate bending. With more substantial steel side plates than other units these brakes have the rigidity required for upper beam adjustment without the use of wrenches.
  • Box & Pan Hand Brakes are an economical tool for a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming operations. 
  • Universal Hand Brakes are designed to provide forming capabilities for complex parts. Universal Hand Brakes allow for the removal of both the upper and lower segments of fingers.
  • Bench-Model Hand Brakes an economical means of performing a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming operations. These brakes are of all-steel welded construction, readily adjustable and utilize bronze bearings at pivot points.

SHEARS:  Tennsmith Shears include Foot Squaring, Air & Hydraulic, Hand, Mechanical and Low-Profile. Tennsmith shears have the most complete adjustment features of any sheet metal shear on the market. 

  • Foot-Squaring Shears offer precision shearing and rugged construction. The shear frame, and and cutter head assemblies are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron. The shear bed is machined and then surface ground to precision tolerances to ensure an accurate working surface.
  • Air & Hydraulic Shears combine all of the features of the foot shears with the advantage and convenience of air or hydraulic operation. The air shears utilize heavy-duty, tie rod-type pneumatic cylinders. The hydraulic unit is of low maintenance design featuring a solenoid actuated value. 
  • Mechanical Shears are based on the popular LM model shears. Numerous options are available.
  • Low-Profile Mechanical Shears utilize a simple low-maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AUTOMATIC FOLDERS: Tennsmith SBS Series Folders are fast, highly durable and ready to meet your needs. At the heart is the center-mounted motor and drive system, which maximizes accuracy by minimizing torque loss. Frequency inverters ensure exceptional accuracy for the back gauge as well as the clamping beam and folding drive system. Solid-state technology and controls provide reliable performance in difficult working environments while also offering forward compatibility to accommodate additional memory or software enhancement in the future.


SLIP ROLLS: Tennsmith Slip Rolls combine precision-turned, ground and polished high carbon steel rolls with heavy-duty, cast iron end frames and welded steel base to make an accurate and durable forming tool. Convenient operating features include large roll adjusting screws, scales for speeding repeat set-up, and a front mounted handle to lift the upper roll for material removal. The option for manual or powered is available. 

ROTARY MACHINES: There power rotary machine is capable of forming numerous applications up to 16-guage mild steel material. Standard features include variable speed control, heavy cast body with steel body stand. Manual rotary machines are also available. 


  • Tennsmith notcher is a versatile, heavy-duty becnsh tool for shearing, notching and piercing work. The heavy cast iron construction allows the notcher to be used to side shear six inches of material to its rated capacity; and the throat behind the upper ram is beveled on one side to permit long strips of material to pass without restriction. 
  • Cleat benders are manually operated tools that form uniform drive cleat edges on rectangular ductwork in seconds without set-up or adjustment
  • Cheek bender is a rugged tool built for increased productivity while getting the most consistent bends quickly.



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