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Edwards Manufacturing

`Insert picture hereEdwards Manufacturing leads the industry with a full line of high quality, low maintenance hydraulic Ironworking machinery. Ranging from 25 ton to 120 ton ironworkers, including a ture Dual Operator, they have the machine to meet or exceed your expectations.Edwards provides an extensive line of tooling and innovative hydraulic accessory tools. There extensive live of products includes their original series of JAWS ironworkers and their new ELITE series featuring high-end design and value-added integrated features.Edwards is here to help you get your work done. 




EDWARDS IRONWORKERSConsidered the "Swiss Army Knife" of the industry Ironworkers can do it all from punch, shear, notch and brake mild steel plate, square stock, sheet metal and angle. Edwards JAWS Ironworkers are in service throughout the world. Their attention is switching to their ELITE Ironworkers. The Elite series has all of the best features of the JAWS Ironworkers but with improved robot construction, integrated value-added features, superior performance and fresh new look. Both the original and ELITE provide extraordinary performance and incredible value.


HYDRAULIC ACCESSORY TOOLSEdwards has developed a line of Hydraulic Accessory Tools to help expand shop capabilities without breaking the bank. Current items include, 10 Ton Tube/Pipe Bender, 20 Ton Press and 40 Ton Press. To increase mobility, Edwards also offers their Porta Power portable hydraulic power unit. Edwards tools are heavy-duty and versatile to make sure all work gets done.  



TOOLING ACCESSORIES: Edwards Ironworkers come with standard tooling, but their extensive line of tooling accessories allows for the machine to be customized to fit any project. Choose from punch accessories to measurement accessories to add precision to your work. Also add Notchers, Shears, or Brakes to save time and maximize the machine's utility to guarantee work gets done. 




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