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Scotchman Industries

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Scotchman Industries is a leading manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment, accessories and custom tools. Scotchman has a machine for general fabrication, heavy duty fabrication, farm use, ship building, technical schools, military and hobbyist. Scotchman offers many models of Ironworkers, Cold Saws, Band Saws, Tube and Pipe Notchers and measuring systems. 

IRONWORKERS: Scotchman offers thirteen different hydraulic ironworkers. These machines can be used for metal punching, shearing, bending, tube cutting and pipe notching. They are one of the most versatile machines a person can own. Ironworkers save time, eliminates waste, and create clean smooth cuts and holes. They offer ironworkers ranging from 45 tons to 150 tons.

Component Tool Fully Integrated Dual Operator
Porta Fab 45 FI 8510-20M DO 70/110-24M
50514-CM DO 8514-20M DO 8514-20M
5014-TM   DO 95/140-24M
6509-24M   DO 120/200-24M
9012-24M   DO 135/220-24M
12012-24M   DO 150/240-24M


COLD SAWS: The Scotchman line of Cold Saws is complete with pivot and column designs for ferrous (contains iron) and non-ferrous applications. Manual and fully automatic are available and are capable of cutting straight or at an angle. Cold Saws are the best machine for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials by turning the blade at a very low RPM, giving a fast, precise and burr-free cut without hear or sparks.

Manual & Semi-Automatic Non-Ferrous Automatic
CPO 275 (Manual) CPO 350 NF CPO 315 HFA
CPO 275 PK (Air Vise) CPO 350 NFPK CPO 315 HFA CNC
CPO 275 PKPD (Semi-Automatic) CPO 350 NFPKPD GAA-500 90
CPO 350 (Manual) CPO 315 HFA NF CPO 315 RFA/ST
CPO 350 PK (Air Vise) CPO 315 RFA/ST NF CPO 315 RFA/BL
CPO 350 PKPD (Semi-Automatic) CPO 315 RFA/BL NF  
  SUPP-500 NF  
  SUPP-600 NF  


TUBE & PIPE NOTCHERS: Scotchman offers tube and pipe notchers, available in both hand lever and crank wheel models. These machines are ideal for steel and stainless steel tube and pipe construction, coping pipe, hand railings, gates and fences, race car frames and roll cages, marine arches and railing, furniture frames and stainless plumbing for restaurant and dairy. Types include manual, electric, and grinder notchers.

Manual  Electric Grinder
AL1 AL 1-2E AL 100U-01
AL2 AL 1-2U AL 100U-02
AL3   AL 150


BAND SAW & SHEAR: Scotchman offers a utility style horizontal band saw, their SU-280 model. It is quick and easy to use and miters 30 degrees. Scotchman also offers their ShearMaster 610 heavy-duty 24" plate shear. 



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