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HORIZONTAL PIVOT: These are the most common band saws Hemsaw manufactures. These models are ideal for cutting smaller solids and shapes. Capacities typically range from 12.75" - 16" high to 12.75" - 20" wide.

H90A-1 H105A-4 H130HA-9
H90A-4 H105A-C H130HA-C
H90A-C H105M H130HM-1






HORIZONTAL MITER: These band saws are similar to Horizontal Pivot band saws, but the biggest difference is these saws can make cuts up to 60 degrees off 90 degree cuts. Capacities range from 12.75" - 20" high to 16" - 30" wide. 

Hurricane 2030A Sidewinder A-1 Cyclone A-4
Hurricane 2030M Sidewinder A-4 Cyclone A-C
  Sidewinder A-C Cyclone M
  Sidewinder M  






VERTICAL: These saws are time proven designs for cutting material up to 45 and 60 degrees, both left and right. A Touch Screen Programmable Control Feature to turn the saws are available. Capacities range from 20" - 36" high to 18" - 25" wide. 

V100LM-3 VT120HM-60 V140HM-60 V200M
V100LM-60 VT120HA-60 TS V140HA-60 TS VT200A
VT100LM-60   VT140HM-60 VT200HM-60
VT100HLM-60   VT140HA-60 TS VT200HA-60 TS
VT100HLA-60 TS      







DUAL COLUMN: These saws are perfect for cutting solid materials or large diameter materials. Capacities range from 14" - 80" high to 14" - 80" wide. These saws can get very large (Will make up to 80" x 80").

H130HA-DC H160A-DC-C DC1420HM
H130HA-DC-C H160LM-DC DC1420HA-C
130HA-DC H160LA-DC-C  
  H160HM-DC DC4040
CT2000HM-DC H160XLM-DC DC4060
CT2000HA-DC-C H160XLA-DC-C DC5353
DC2038RB1 H3236M-DC  








WIDE FLANGE: These saws excel at cutting structural shapes and bundles by giving incredibly fast cut times, extended blade life and accuracy. Capacities range from 18" - 25" high to 27" - 44" wide.







PLATE SAW: These saws are used primarily for specialty sawing applications. They are ideal if you need to strip large sections of plate or you just need to make a unique cut. These saws can be set up so either the head or material moves through the cutting zone. Capacities range from 12" - 25" high to 18" - 25" wide.

UTILITY SAWS: These tabletop saws are ideal for smaller jobs. They can save up to 60% of the cutting time compared to traditional band saws. Many of the models do not require lubrication. Just like the rest of the saws, these meet the highest standards for quality.


ABS-105 ABS-NG120XL 782XLH
NG120XL NG160 N215XL



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