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Vertical: VT140HM-60-CTS

Capacity: 22″ W x 30″ H

Miter: 22″ W x 20″ left @ 45°

Miter: 22″ W x 20″ right @ 45°

Miter: 22″ W x 13.5″ left @ 60°

Miter: 22″ W x 13″ right @ 60°

Blade: 20’0″ x 1.5″ x .050″

Cant: 4° Fixed

Hydraulic Motor: 5 HP

Motor: 10 HP

Operation: Semi Automatic


Adjustable Clamping Force
Blade Brush
Broken Blade Indicator
Carbide Blade Guides
Electronic Controlled Traverse (Controls Feed Rate & Cutting Force)
Flood Coolant System w/ Wash-Down Hose
Forward Cut Stop
Full Stroking Main Vise
Idle Base Rollers – 1 Each Side of Base
Powered Blade Tension
Powered Guide Arm
Safety Guards
Adjustable Blade Speed w/ Readout on Touch Screen
Swing-Away Control Console w/ 7″ Touch Screen
Powered Programmable Tilt w/ Angle Readout

220V/440V/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement


10′ Idle Roller Stock Table
10′ Powered Roller Discharge Table
10′ Powered Roller Load Table
10′ Powered Roller Stock Table
10′ Roller Discharge Table
10′ Roller Load Table
2nd Main Vise
5′ Idle Roller Stock Table
5′ Roller Discharge Table
5′ Roller Load Table
Cut Watcher System
Laser Light System
Manual Hand-Crank Chip Conveyor
Pedestal Mounted Control Console
Power Raised Lift Up Rollers
Powered Chip Conveyor
Reduced Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise
Spray Mist Lubrication
Swing-Away Top Clamp – Main Vise
Material List w/ Larger 8″ Touch Screen


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