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Punching Station:
Capacity: 88 US Tons
Ø1-1/2” in 5/8” or Ø 1-1/4” in 3/4”
Maximum Round Punch that can be held Ø1-9/16”.
Optional Attachments up to 4” and 6” are available.
Throat Depth: 12”
Working Height: 43”
•2 Stage foot pedal with low pressure on first stage.
•When the stripper is open only low pressure is allowed for safe alignment of the tools.
•Steel Guards with Slots and Rollers.
•Emergency Stop close to working area.
GEKA Tools:
Punches 8/31 for up to Ø1-3/16”. Ø8/32 for Ø1-1/4”. 8/40 up to 1-9/16” as standard
Geka 5/27 and Other Brands and Styles on Request Dies No 5 for up to Ø1-1/4” and No 8 up to Ø1-9/16”
Other Brands and Styles on Request
Other Information:
•Goose Neck Die Block with supports can be removed for punching of large U, I, and T profiles. When removed the allowable tonnage should be reduced to 44 US Tons.
•Gauging Table with inlayed inch scales as standard with front to back adjustment on rollers.
•Front to back movement on rollers for easier adjustment.
•Punch Slug Bucket
•Full Stroke or Jog Mode for inching of the tool with automatic return when lower limit switch is triggered.
•Gibbed and Guided punching cylinder for superb alignment of the tools.
•Quick change Punch holder.
Off-Set Punch and Die Holder:
A specialized Punch and Die holder that is offset ½” from center line of the standard tool set up for punching angles or other profiles. Maximum round hole is Ø13/16” and should only be used to a maximum 25 Us Tons. It requires GEKA No P9 Punches and No 1 Dies.
Flat Shearing Station:
Working Height: 36-5/8”
Length of Blade: 18-5/8”
Capacities: 18” x 5/8” or 12” x ¾”
Other Information:
• Rigid Table with mitering gradations inscribed in the table.
• Two adjustable guide bars.
• Manual hold down with access for shearing legs of angles
Angle Shearing Station:
Tonnage: 165 Us Tons
Working Height: 44-1/2”
Capacities: 5” x 5” x ½” or 6” x 4” x ½”
• Angles at a 45º miter (leg in) - 3" x 3" x 5/16"
Other Information:
• Shearing of both legs of the angle at the same time
• “Non-deform cut” With no material loss
• Vertical & Horizontal guides for square cuts.
Section Shearing Station:
Tonnage: 91 Us Tons
Standard Blade Set included in machine:
Shearing blades for 3” x 4.1lb and 4” x 5.4lb Channels
Multi Opening Round and Square Bar with opening of 9/16”, ¾”, 1”,1-3/16”
Rounds and 9/16”, 1”, 1-3/16” Square
Maximum Profile with Optional Blades:
Other Information:
• Maximum Channel: 6” x 8.2lb
• Rounds and Squares up to 1-3/4”
• Other shapes also available as well as custom profiles.
Notching Station:
Standard Equipment included is a Rectangular Notcher Capacities:
Width: 2”
Depth: 3-1/2”
Thickness: 15/32”
Working Height: 36-5/8”
Other Information:
• Gauging Table with inlayed inch scales as standard. Front to back movement on rollers for easier adjustment.
• Section is protected with a sliding guard with keyed lock out for safety.
• Emergency Stop close to working area.
Optional Equipment:
• Triangular Notcher with optional gauging table
• Pipe Notcher
• Punching Attachment with optional Gauge Table.
Productivity Kit:
• Magnetic Work Light
• 40” Automatic Cut to Length Stop
• 10 sets of your choosing from 1/8” to 1-1/4” Round with 1/32” clearance.
Additional Information:
The following hand tools are included with the machine.
• Open End Wrench 17-19mm 20-22mm 24-27mm
• Spanner Wrench for removal of punch nut
• Hex Keys 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14mm
• Manual Grease Gun
• Punch holders for Geka No 8/32C & 8/40
• Die Reducer for Geka No 5 Tools
• Die Riser for Geka No 8.
• Manual with Parts List on USB
Also Note:
When punching with the quick-change punch holder, only the punches and dies need to be changed for standard punching operations. There is no need to remove the coupling nut.
Two-cylinder operation with two remote foot pedals and with hydraulics which will allow simultaneous operation (independently controlled) of the punch and shearing stations (both cylinders) to the total operating pressure of machine.
For shaped tooling, the punch base is keyed, and the die holder is set up with a fixation bolt to keep the punch and die indexed and aligned.
Voltage Selections:
Choice of 3 phase 60Hz 12.5Hp Motor
•200-208 Volts which requires 80 Amps
•220-250 Volts which requires 80 Amps
•440-500 Volts which requires 40 Amps.

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