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Saw Pivot Style, Horizontal Band Saw
Saw Capacity 18" W x 15" H or 20" W x 10" H (16" Square • 16" Round)
Arm Lift Powered from control console.
Blade Size 1-1/2” x 17’0” x .050” THK
Blade Drive 10 HP, 220V (40 amps)/3PH or 440V (20 amps)/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement. 220V or 440V AC to be specified by the customer at the time of order. 1800 rpm, ball bearing TFC (*** The customer must ground this saw at the machine with an earth ground rod installed prior to installation for the warranty to be in effect.***)
Blade Speed Infinitely variable speed drive controlled through a variable frequency controller and speed is changed from readout on console’s touch screen.
Hydraulics 2 HP Hydraulic System

Equipped With

Operator Control: Smart Saw® Control Console is located on front of saw, with 9" Omron touch screen controls, for operator convenience. Saw may be operated in manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic mode.
Smart Saw® Touch Screen: The touch screen display provides easy to use menu navigation to control the saw, program specific jobs or series of jobs, and to monitor the saw’s performance.
Saw Control - This screen allows the operator to set up the saw for manual, semi-automatic and automatic jobs. The blade speed and part dimensions for a quick job can be altered and saw diagnostic information such as Arm/Infeed position and speed can be viewed. Extra cutting options, such as extra vises, step feed, etc. can be adjusted from the Cutting Options section in the lower right corner; and the Real Time Monitor offers extensive diagnostic information. Cut Watcher® controls are also accessed from this screen.
Program a Job - The operator can create a job program by selecting the material to be cut and inputting a name, the number of repetitions for the job, and the part information. A job can contain up to 20 different parts to be run in a sequence. Selecting the numbered boxes near the top of the screen will bring up the ‘Edit Part Details’ screen where you can enter the information for that specific part. After creating a job program, the operator can run it by pressing Run Job or save it to the Job Library to recall the information at a later time.
Job Library - The Job Library displays information stored by the operator in an interactive data base that stores the saved jobs This list shows all stored programmed jobs that can be added to, edited, or picked from to be run. The Job Library also has a dynamic search to quickly find a job name.
Settings - The “Settings” icon provides access to the “Machine Setup” to make adjustments of the machine within the operator parameters, the “Machine Monitor” that displays system communication status for diagnostic purposes, and the “Special Functions” to perform special functions such as saw arm calibration, select units, or change the language shown.
Metric - Allows for operation from ANSI (English) units to SI (metric) units.
Multi Language - Allows for changing the language from English to Spanish, German or French to help non-fluent English operators.
Information & Help Files - The “Information & Help Files” icon provides access to the “Machine Information” with helpful information such as the model number, serial number and blade size. It also gives access to the “Help Files” with useful documents like the Safety Guide, HE&M Saw’s Practical Cutting Guide and other helpful instructions.
Industrial IOT Ready - MTConnect Output: MTConnect® is a software adapter that provides the ability for device manufacturers, such as machine tool manufacturers, to use their own vocabulary to communicate data in a royalty-free standard. It is built to allow equipment and systems to communicate data to be used for monitoring machine output, determine job scheduling, predictive maintenance, and more. Using XML, HTTP, HTTPS, SHDR, and MQTT, MTConnect provides a means to extract real-time data from a variety of equipment throughout a facility. The common communication provides software developers the ability to implement applications with the intent of providing improved efficiency of operations and increased productivity.
48” Servo Bar-Feed: The automatic bar-feed has a 0-48” stroke with multiple indexing. The servo twin ball-screw bar-feed allows for faster movement and higher repeatability. The unique design uses two ball-screws to reduce the side loading caused by different size materials allowing for more accurate positioning. A single screw typically results in higher wear on the drive mechanism. The table is capable of 30 fpm movement speeds with material and 50 fpm in retracting without material. The Material Jogging feature permits incremental control of the shuttle vise to aid in positioning the material for pre-marked cuts. *Requires Air Supply
Discharge Table: 24” Solid Discharge Table for easier material handling after the cut. The table is 24” in length and standard as solid. The table is bolted onto the machine base and is fully coolant panned to return coolant to the machine.
Step Feed: Step Feed is a function that will send the bar-feed to the rear of the table to grab material once. It will then do a relative move forward to minimize indexing speed while reducing the clamping time. The process will also maintain grip on the material for higher clamping force during the cut.
Feed Forward in Cut: The controller will hold the feed forward during the cut to increase the clamping force on the machine during the cutting operation. This feature is great for round bars where they have a chance to spin during a cut damaging the blade.
Vise – Main & Feed: The vises are full-stroking with adjustable clamping pressure. Vises automatically function in automatic mode.
Cutting Pressure: Adjustable cutting pressure/force to control the weight to be placed on the teeth of the blade.
Cutting Rate: Adjustable to regulate the saw arm traverse rate. This is a necessary feature to cut tubing at high rates without losing saw teeth.
Carbide Blade Guides: Side and back carbides are flat for maximum blade support. Blade Chip Brush: Powered brush driven by an assembly mounted on the drive wheel removes chips that may become lodged in the blade gullets.
Powered Guide Arm: Powered, moveable guide arm controlled from the console. Powered Blade Tension: Assures and maintains proper blade tension at all times during the cutting process.
“Passive” Cut Watcher® System: A system that monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The system shuts down the saw when the pre-set value is exceeded. This is a must option for production cutting. (PATENT: 5,070,751)
Built-In Coolant System w/ Wash-Down Hose: Built-in coolant system, with high pressure sealed coolant pump. Coolant is dispensed through fixed guide arm. The saw is fully panned to return coolant to the tank. A cutting fluid clean-up hose is provided for machine wash down.
Chip/Swarf Removal System: A chip auger removes chips from the cutting area to a bin.
Two-Hand Operation Controls: All motion operations require two hands to operate, reducing the exposure to hazards from running the equipment.
Blade Saver: The Blade Saver feature is often used when cutting bundles of material. This function reduces wear and tear on the blade when retracting through a cut. It also reduces blade “snagging” on the material as it is retracting after a cut. When the Blade Saver is active, the blade stays forward after a cut is complete; and the clamped material on the feed table retracts slightly away from the blade path.
Broken Blade Function: Stops the machine if the blade breaks to keep the machine from being damaged.
Out-of-Stock Function: The machine will stop when the feed vise runs out of material.
Automatic Blade Idle: When not actively engaged in a cut the machine will reduce the blade speed reducing the risk of injury while the machine is operating.
Blade Change Interlock: The interlock is used to disable the band motor operation while changing the blade, to reduce the risk in changing a blade. The key for the interlock is the same one used for tension ensuring that the machine must be operated in a safe manor.
Safety Guards: Machine is equipped with blade guards and awareness barriers for safety purposes.
Spray Mist Lubrication: Spray mist lubrication system with a selector switch located on control console to select and to switch back and forth from flood coolant or spray mist lubrication. *Requires Air Supply Price: $1,395.00
Heavy-Duty Servo Feed: Available for the 48” or 120” Servo Bar-Feed. The Heavy-Duty Servo Feed uses larger screws and a stronger vise structure for better machine life in a rugged environment. Price: $6,495.00
Bar-Feed Filler Plates: Metal plates that fit between the rollers on the bar-feed to prevent remnant pieces and other material from falling into the base of the bar-feed. Price: $295.00
Full Capacity Top Clamps: For vertical clamping of structural shapes and when entire “mill bundles” are to be cut. One is provided for the feed vise and one is provided for the main vise. Price: $7,695.00 – Main & Feed Vise
Laser Light System: A laser light that indicates on the material where the blade will enter the cut. Price: $1,395.00
Vise – 3rd: Assures positive alignment of material. The vise works in conjunction with the main saw vise to provide additional clamping surface and may be disconnected if not needed through a “quick release” valve. Price: $4,595.00
Vise – Outboard: Holds the material on the discharge side of the blade for “back trimming” and keeps the parts from closing during the cut. It provides an additional clamping surface and works in conjunction with the main saw vise but can be disconnected by a control valve. The use of this vise will decrease “burr” on the cut material. Price: $10,395.00
Remote Diagnostics: The remote diagnostics includes the hardware needed for remote support of the machine. Suppose the saw is connected to the customers' network. In that case, HE&M Saw can request access to the machine to remotely diagnose the issue with the customer, improving the repair time while reducing the cost of having a service technician on site. The first year of remote support is included with the price of the machine. Price: $3,295.00
Pedestal Control Console: A control console that is mounted on a pedestal with specified length of the umbilical. Price: $2,695.00
Free-Standing Control Console: Free standing control console in lieu of the standard swing away console. Standard length of the umbilical is 12’. Price: $4,795.00
Stock Table: Heavy Duty roller table, 28” centers, non-coolant panned and adjustable to be “trued-in” with the saw. Roller table is designed to move even the large bars with ease and accuracy
5’ x 22” Idle - $3,095.00
10’ x 22” Idle - $4,495.00
Hydraulic Tank Heater and/or Cold Weather Package: HE&M Saws are designed to operate efficiently at temperatures above 32ᵒ F (0ᵒ C). If environmental conditions exist below this temperature, we strongly recommend adding a hydraulic tank heater and/or a “cold-weather package” to the saw order.
Hydraulic Tank Heater Price: $1,195.00
Cold Weather Package Price: $5,695.00

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