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Saw Vertical Tilt-Frame Production Band Saw
Saw Capacity 18" W x 20.75" H @ 90˚ (22.25” H w/o cant)
Miter 18" W x 14.25" H @ 45˚ (L) (15.25” H w/o cant) / 18" W x 14" H @ 45˚ (R) (15.125” H w/o cant) / 18" W x 9.75" H @ 60˚ (L) (10.25” H w/o cant) / 18" W x 6.75" H @ 60˚ (R) (7.25” H w/o cant)
Blade Size 1-1/4" x 15'6" x .042” THK
Arm Cant 4 degree – can be removed by adjusting arm
Blade Drive 5 HP, 220V (24 amps)/3PH or 440V (12 amps)/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement. / 220V or 440V AC to be specified by the customer at the time of order. 1800 rpm, ball bearing TFC
Blade Speed Variable speed drive controlled by a PLC (Program Logic Controller) and is displayed on touchscreen.
Air Requirements 85 PSI, 3 – 5 CFM, equipped with air filter/lubricator
Hydraulics 1 HP Hydraulic System
Power Programmable Tilt Powered tilt for saw arm for miter application. The powered tilt moves the arm to any angle up to 60° left or right of 90°. LED angle readout tilt controls are located on the control console.
Operator Control Control Console is located on front of saw with 7" Omron touch screen controls, for operator convenience. Saw may be operated in semi-automatic mode.
Touch Screen The touch screen display provides easy to use menu navigation to operate, select cutting options, and monitor / troubleshoot the saw.
Cut Stop Forward cut-stop is mechanically linked to the vise and automatically adjusts with the vise opening.
Main Vise The Main Vise is full-stroking with adjustable clamping pressure to clamp various metals.
Cutting Pressure Adjustable cutting pressure/force to control the weight to be placed on the teeth of the blade.
Cutting Rate Adjustable to regulate the saw arm traverse rate. This is a necessary feature to cut tubing at high rates without losing saw teeth.
Carbide Blade Guides Side and back carbides are flat for maximum blade support.
Blade Chip Brush Powered brush driven by an assembly mounted on the drive wheel removes chips that may become lodged in the blade gullets.
Powered Guide Arm The upper guide arm is column supported. It is positioned 90˚ to the work and is height adjustable for better blade control to ensure square cuts. Movement of the guide arm is powered from the control console.
Powered Blade Tension Blade Tension is air-powered, assuring and maintaining proper blade tension at all times during the cutting process.
Built-In Coolant System Machine is set up for flood-style coolant system with coolant dispensed a flex-tube nozzle to flood the center of the cut. The saw is fully panned and has bolt-able side wings to return coolant to the tank.
Wash-Down Hose A cutting fluid clean-up hose is provided for machine wash down.
Blade Break Switch Saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks.
Safety Key-Lock The safety Key-Lock is used to lock out band motor operation while changing the blade. WARNING! The Safety Lockout Key does NOT turn off all power to the saw. To shut down all power, the main disconnect must be turned off.
Safety Guards Machine is equipped with blade guards and awareness barriers for safety purposes.

Equipped With

Spray Mist Lubrication: Spray mist lubrication system with a selector switch located on control console to select and to switch back and forth from flood coolant or spray mist lubrication.: $1,395.00
Second Main Vise: Additional powered vise on the discharge side of the blade. This full-stroking vise is used for additional clamping.: $2,695.00
Swing-Away Top Clamp: For vertical clamping of structural shapes and when entire “mill bundles” are to be cut. Top Clamp swings out of the way to top load or miter. Note: Maximum capacity of the Top Clamp is capacity at 45˚.: $6,695.00 – Main Vise
Cut Watcher® System: A system that monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The system shuts down the saw when the pre-set value is exceeded. This is a must option for production cutting. (Reduces vertical capacity by 1”) (PATENT: 5,070,751): $3,795.00
Power Programmable Tilt: The required angle can be entered on the console and the saw head will travel to that position and lock in place. The angle readout is on the touch screen.: $7,695.00
Laser Light System: A laser light that indicates either above or below where the blade will enter the material for the cut.: $1,395.00
High Wear Plates: 12” High Wear Plates – Non-Mitered: $595.00 per Vise
Right to Left Material Flow: Changing the standard left-to-right material flow direction to optional right-to-left material flow.: $2,895.00
Pedestal Control Console: A control console that is mounted on a pedestal with specified length of the umbilical.: $2,695.00
Load Table: Idle Roller table for staging material to be cut with the saw. Bolts on to the saw, is coolant panned and height adjustable. The table has 14” roller centers.
5’ x 22” Section - $5,495.00
10’ x 22” Section - $8,595.00
Roller Discharge Table: Idle Roller Discharge Table for easy material handling after the cut. The table bolts to the saw, is coolant panned and height adjustable to assure true cuts. The table has 14” roller centers.
5’ Section - $5,495.00
10’ Section - $8,595.00
Stock Table: Free standing, non-powered, idle roller table to be used for long length materials. Tables are non-panned for coolant and have 28” roller centers.
5’ x 22” Section - $3,495.00
10’ x 22” Section - $5,095.00

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