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Saw Pivot Style, Horizontal Band Saw
Saw Capacity 12.75" W x 8" H (11.75" Square • 12.75" Round)
Arm Lift Powered from control console.
Blade Size 1” x 12’10” x .035” THK
Blade Drive 3 HP, 220V (12 amps)/3PH or 440V (6 amps)/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement. 220V or 440V AC to be specified by the customer at the time of order. 1800 rpm, ball bearing TFC. (***The customer must ground this saw at the machine with an earth ground rod installed prior to installation for the warranty to be in effect.***)
Blade Speed Infinitely variable speed drive controlled through a variable frequency controller and speed is changed from LED readout on console.
Air Requirements 85 PSI, 4 – 6 CFM, equipped with air filter/lubricator
Operator Control Control Console is located on top of the saw arm for operator convenience. Saw may be operated in semi-automatic mode or fully automatic mode.
Automatic 0-24” Stroke Bar-Feed (1 Index) Automatic floating (self-adjusting) shuttle vise feed system with additional rollers to prevent binding of “crooked” and distorted material. The table is 6’ long with a 0-24” feed stroke.
Discharge Table 18” Solid Discharge Support
Adjustable Main Vise Main-clamping vise is air powered and non-cocking.
Vise Clamping Pressure The operator controls the variable vise pressure, adjustable to clamp various metals.
Cutting Pressure Adjustable cutting pressure/force to control the weight to be placed on the teeth of the blade.
Cutting Rate Adjustable to regulate the saw arm traverse rate. This is a necessary feature to cut tubing at high rates without losing saw teeth.
Carbide Blade Guides Side and back carbides are flat for maximum blade support.
Blade Chip Brush Powered brush driven by an assembly mounted on the drive wheel removes chips that may become lodged in the blade gullets.
Hold-Down Fixtures Two each hold down fixtures that mount one on the main vise and one on the shuttle vise for use when cutting more than one piece at a time.
Parts Selector/Counter Use the Parts Selector/Counter to select the number of parts that will be cut. The counter will count down the parts as each one is cut
Built-In Coolant System Machine is set up for flood-style coolant system with coolant dispensed through the guide arms. The saw is fully panned to return coolant to the tank.
Wash-Down Hose A cutting fluid clean-up hose is provided for machine wash down.
Blade Break Switch Saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks.
Out-of-Stock Switch The saw shuts off when the automatic feed system is out of stock, or when the pre-determined number of pieces has been cut.
Safety Guards Machine is equipped with blade guards and awareness barriers for safety purposes.

Equipped With

Spray Mist Lubrication: Spray mist lubrication system with a selector switch located on control console to select and to switch back and forth from flood coolant or spray mist lubrication. Price: $ 1,395.00
24” Solid Discharge Table: For handling of material after the cut. Price: $1,695.00
Reduced Capacity Top Clamps: Top Clamp for bundle cutting; Price: $2,195.00 Main Vise (Capacity 10” W x 9” H), Price: $2,195.00 – Feed Vise (Capacity 10” W x 9” H)
3rd Holding Vise: The third vise assures the positive alignment of the material. The vise works in conjunction with the main saw vise to provide additional clamping surface and may be disconnected if it is not needed through a “quick release” valve. It also permits the use of a pusher bar to reduce the remnant end. Price: $3,595.00
Interlocking Vise Jaws: The interlocking vises permit the feeding of the material for a minimum drop of 3.5”. They reduce the horizontal capacity by 1- 1/2” and can be removed to obtain full capacity. Price: $1,495.00
Light Clamping Pressure: Allows the machine to clamp thin wall tubing or other delicate materials with less clamping pressure reducing the possibility of deforming them. Price: $295.00
Single-Phase Voltage: Larger frequency drive is added to make voltage on saw single phase instead of 3-phase. Price: $795.00
Stock Table: Heavy Duty roller table, 24” centers, non-coolant panned and adjustable to be “trued-in” with the saw. Roller table is designed to move even the large bars with ease and accuracy. Price: 5’ x 18” Idle - $2,595.00 10’ x 18” Idle - $3,995.00

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