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Saw Vertical Tilt-Frame, Automatic Production Band Saw
Saw Capacity 22" W x 30" H @ 90˚
Miter 22" W x 20" H @ 45˚ (L) & (R), 22" W x 13.5" H @ 60˚ (L), 22" W x 13" H @ 60˚ (R)
Blade Size 1-1/2" x 20'0" x .050” THK
Arm Cant 4° – non-adjustable
Blade Drive 10 HP, 220V (60 amps)/3PH or 440V (30 amps)/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement. 220V or 440V AC to be specified by the customer at the time of order. 1800 rpm, ball bearing TFC (***The customer must ground this saw at the machine with an earth ground rod installed prior to installation for the warranty to be in effect.***)
Blade Speed Infinitely variable speed drive controlled through a variable frequency controller and speed is changed from readout on console’s touch screen.
Hydraulics 5 HP Hydraulic System
Power Programmable Tilt The required angle can be entered on the console and the saw head will travel to that position and lock in place. The angle readout is on the touch screen.
Operator Control Control Console is located on front of saw, with 8" Omron touch screen controls, for operator convenience. Saw may be operated in semi-automatic mode or fully-automatic mode.
Touch Screen The touch screen display provides easy to use menu navigation to program specific automatic jobs, nested job operations as well as manual functions and programming information required for each job.
Auto Run This screen allows the operator to set up the computer controlled feed & tilt to run a quick job for automatic cutting once the job has been created in the job program screen. The blade speed, quantity and any cutting operation options, such as extra vises, step feed, etc. can be adjusted from this screen
Program a Job The operator can create a job program by inputting the desired blade pitch, blade speed, length, height, angle and quantity. After creating a job program the operator can run it as a quick job or save it to the Job Library to recall the information at a later time.
Job Library The Job Library displays information stored by the operator in an interactive data base that contains up to 1000 jobs including the “Quick Job”, along with specific job information such as length, quantity, blade speeds, etc. It stores a list of programmed jobs that can be reviewed, edited, or called up to run, either as a single job, or a series of jobs to be run in consecutive order.
Program a Series To save time and material, the saw has the ability to run a sequence of up to 12 job numbers (cuts) in a sequence up to 99 times using the Program Series icon. 100 sequences can be saved to recall at a later time. The operator can enter the job information into the Series Overview screen to create these sequences. There must be jobs programmed in the “JOB LIBRARY” to program a series.
Manual / Semi-Auto Cut Allows the operator to make a single, semi-automatic or manual cut without creating a job number or a job program. This is a good option when performing a one-time cut.
More The “MORE” icon provides access to additional settings and features. The operator can adjust settings for various functions such as arm and feed calibration, review information on the blade life and motor hours, or access help files that give instructions on changing the saw blade.
Automatic 0-48” Stroke Hydraulic Motor Bar-Feed (Multiple Index) All Function Control with capability to feed lengths automatically until saw is out of stock or to a pre-determined number on the touch screen counter. Feed table lifts automatically when shuttle vise is in operation in automatic mode to keep from catching material on the saw base. Material Jogging permits incremental control of the shuttle vise to aid in positioning the material for premarked cuts.
Full Stroking Vises The Main & Feed Vise are full-stroking with adjustable clamping pressure to clamp various metals
Cut Stop Forward cut-stop is mechanically linked to the vise and automatically adjusts with the vise opening.
E.C.T. Controls The Electronic Controlled Traverse (E.C.T.) allows the operator to set blade traverse speed and cutting force for different material sizes and shapes. Each function offers 0 to 100% of the machine’s capability as related to total feed force or feed rate.
Carbide Blade Guides Side and back carbides are flat for maximum blade support.
Cut Watcher® System A system that monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The system shuts down the saw when the pre-set value is exceeded. (PATENT: 5,070,751)
Blade Saver The Blade Saver feature is often used when cutting bundles of material. This function reduces wear and tear on the blade when retracting through a cut. It also reduces blade “snagging” on the material as it is retracting after a cut. When the Blade Saver is active, the blade is stays forward after a cut is complete, the feed advances forward slightly to push the cut parts out of the path of the blade, and the clamped material on the feed table retracts slightly away from the blade path.
Blade Chip Brush Powered brush driven by an assembly mounted on the drive wheel removes chips that may become lodged in the blade gullets.
Powered Guide Arm The upper guide arm is column supported. It is positioned 90˚ to the work and is height adjustable for better blade control to ensure square cuts. Movement of the guide arm is powered from the touch screen and is programmable.
Powered Blade Tension Blade Tension is powered, assuring and maintaining proper blade tension at all times during the cutting process.
Base Rollers Set of idle, non-lifting rollers – one on each side of the saw base.
Chip Conveyor Removes the chips in a sideways motion to each side of the machine into a chip bin. This system includes two chip bins for easy removal.
Built-In Coolant System Machine is set up for flood-style coolant system with coolant dispensed a flex-tube nozzle to flood the center of the cut. The saw is fully panned and has bolt-able side wings to return coolant to the tank.
Wash-Down Hose A cutting fluid clean-up hose is provided for machine wash down.
Blade Break Switch Saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks.
Out-of-Stock Switch The saw shuts off when the feed vise runs out of material.
Safety Key-Lock The safety Key-Lock is used to lock out band motor operation while changing the blade. WARNING! The Safety Lockout Key does NOT turn off all power to the saw. To shut down all power, the main disconnect must be turned off.
Safety Guards Machine is equipped with blade guards and awareness barriers for safety purposes.

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WARRANTY: The seller will repair or replace to the purchaser, upon inspection, any defective part for a period of one (1) year or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first, from the date of shipment.
* Spray Mist Lubrication: Spray mist lubrication system with a selector switch located on control console to select and to switch back and forth from flood coolant or spray mist lubrication. *Requires Air Supply Price: $1,395.00
* 0-48” Stroke Servo Twin Ball-Screw Bar-Feed (Multiple Index): Automatic floating (self-adjusting) shuttle vise feed system with rollers prevents binding of “crooked” and distorted material. The table a 0 – 48” feed stroke capability. Material Jogging Feature permits incremental control of the shuttle vise to aid in positioning the material for pre-marked cuts. *Requires Air Supply *Table Lift in Automatic Does Not Work w/ Servo Bar-Feeds Price: Price: $13,895.00
* 120” Stroke Servo Twin Ball-Screw Bar-Feed (Multiple Index): 0-120” Stroke Servo Twin Ball-Screw Bar-Feed (Multiple Index) with 3rd Holding Vise. *Requires Air Supply *Table Lift in Automatic Does Not Work w/ Servo Bar-Feeds Price: $32,395.00
* Bar-Feed Filler Plates For 0-120” Servo Bar Feed: Metal plates that fit between the rollers on the bar-feed to prevent remnant pieces and other material from falling into the base of the bar-feed. Only available for the 0-120” Twin-Screw Servo BarFeed. Available only for the 120” Servo Bar-Feed Price: $295.00
* Second Main Vise: Additional powered vise on the discharge side of the blade. This full-stroking vise is used for additional clamping. Price: $4,895.00
* 3rd Vise on Feed: Works in conjunction with the main holding vise to assist in holding the material while it is being cut and also aids in aligning the material before it goes into the shuttle vise area. It can be disconnected if not needed through a “quick release” valve. Also permits the use of a pusher bar to reduce the remnant end. It reduces the length of the stroke on the bar feed to 0 – 40”. Price: $4,595.00
* Swing-Away Top Clamp: For vertical clamping of structural shapes and when entire “mill bundles” are to be cut. Top Clamp swings out of the way to top load or miter. Note: Maximum capacity of the Top Clamp is capacity at 45˚. Price: $7,395.00 – Main Vise
* Full Capacity Top Clamp: For vertical clamping of structural shapes and when entire “mill bundles” are to be cut. Clamp may need to be retracted to miter arm. Note: Full capacity is at 45˚. Price: $5,195.00 – Feed Vise
* Reduced Capacity Top Clamp: Top Clamp for bundle cutting Price: $3,595.00 – Main Vise (Capacity 18" W x 9" H) Price: $4,895.00 – Feed Vise (Capacity 18" W x 9" H)
* Lift-Up Roller: Power Raised Lift-Up Roller can be added on each side of the saw base for ease of material movement. The roller is power raised from the control console, but roller itself is idle. Customer has the option of purchasing one side only or both sides. For one side only, customer must designate which side of base they want the roller installed on. *Cannot Order w/ Servo Bar-Feeds Price: $2,195.00 per side
* Laser Light System: A laser light that indicates either above or below where the blade will enter the material for the cut. Price: $1,395.00
* Right to Left Feed: Changing the standard left-to-right feed direction to optional rightto-left feed. Price: $2,895.00
* Pedestal Control Console: A control console that is mounted on a pedestal with specified length of the umbilical. Price: $2,695.00
* Roll-Around Control Console: Roll-Around control console in lieu of the standard swing away console. Standard length of the umbilical is 12’. Price: $4,795.00
* Roller Discharge Table: Roller Discharge Table for easy material handling after the cut. The table bolts to the saw, is coolant panned and height adjustable to assure true cuts. Price: 5’ Section - $6,895.00 (Idle) 10’ Section - $9,595.00 (Idle) 10’ Section - $18,495.00 (Clutched Powered)
* Stock Table: Free standing, non-powered, idle roller table to be used for long length materials. Tables are non-panned for coolant and have 28” roller centers. Price: 5’ x 29” Section - $4,595.00 (Idle) 10’ x 29” Section - $6,195.00 (Idle) 10’ x 29” Section - $13,795.00 (Clutched Powered)
* Hydraulic Tank Heater and/or Cold Weather Package: HE&M Saws are designed to operate efficiently at temperatures above 32ᵒ F (0ᵒ C). If environmental conditions exist below this temperature, we strongly recommend adding a hydraulic tank heater and/or a “cold-weather package” to the saw order. Hydraulic Tank Heater Price: $1,195.00 Cold Weather Package Price: $5,695.00

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