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One Piece Unitized design 84L x 152W x 56H (dimension without CNC)
7 Gauge Solid Steel Construction
Effective cutting width: 10ft
Effective cutting length: 5ft
Shipping Weight: 3500 lbs
Dual Side Drive Helical Rack and Pinion
Precision Helical 10:1 Gearboxes
Machine repeatability: .005 Inch
1000 IPM Rapid traverse speed
Adjustable leveling pads for easy adjustment
Water table with manual fill.
Water Capacity: 220 Gallons
Machine E-Stop Located on Each Saddle
Machine input power: 115/1/60 @ 15 Amps
Maximum Plate Thickness: 2 inch
Flashcut Drive Control Package
4 Axis, 8 amp micro-stepping drive
NEMA-34 954 oz-in Stepper Motors
21.5 inch Monitor
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i5 Processor or Equivalent
Minimum 8gb Ram
Minimum 256gb Hard Drive
Wireless Capability
Multiple USB Ports

Flashcut CAD/CAM Standard Software Features:
On-board Completely integrated Flash Cut 2D CAM CAD Package
Plasma Support Interface
Oxy-Fuel Support Interface
Material Database (Cut Chart Support)
Customizable Cut Charts
Customizable Default Lead-in, Lead-out Strategies
Commonly Used Plate List
Jump to Line
Dry Run
Momentary Run
Run File Forward and Backwards
Kerf Crossing Detection
THC performance History Chart
Fix Drawing Tool
Measuring Tool
Free Form Stretching and Manipulation
Layer Support
Centerline Image Import
Silhouette Image Import
DXF/DWG Import
TrueShape Nesting
Automatic Kerf Compensation
Grid Nesting
Graphical editing of Lead in Lead out Location
Overburn Support
Assign Different Operations to Each Part
Cut Sequencing Drag, Delete, Rotate, Copy Parts on the Nest
Operation Sequencing
Cutout or Part Mode
Custom views of Kerf Width, Cut Direction , Toolpath, Rapids and Part Geometry
Customizable Post Processor

Pro Series Software Upgrade
Standard Software Package
Marker and Plasma Marking
DXF Export
Advanced Text including True Type Font Support Without
Exploding and Curved Text Around Any Shape
Part Shading
3D Cutting Simulation
Automatic Lead-In on Restart
Dynamic THC On/Off Progress Meter
Move to Point in View port
Rip Cutting
Smart Touch Off
Shape Library
Bridge Entities Tool
Fix Drawing Tool
Shape Welding Tool
Part Shading
Arc Fitting
Multi Layer Color Image Import
Import of parts from external files
TrueShape Nesting
Multi-Sheet and Fill Sheet TrueShape Nesting
Corner Looping
Advanced Leadin Leadout Editing
Animated 3D Cutting Simulation
Advanced Small Hole Processing
Multi Tabs
1 additional seat Flashcut Software for remote PC/laptop (additional seats available for purchase)
Koike Z-Axis torch height control with torch breakaway
CNC controlled THC electronics package
4" Stroke @ 500 ipm

Laser Pointer
Laser Pointer with Red Dot
Mounting Bracket
Interface Cable
Plate Alignment Software
POWERMAX 125 Torch Clamp: 1-3/4 inch Diameter Torch Clamp for Mini Machine Torch - $575.00
POWERMAX 125 Plasma Cutting System by Hypertherm:
Output Current 30-125 Amps
Single Plasma Gas System
Air or Nitrogen Shield Gas
(380/400/480/600, 3-phase Only)
Input power conditioner compensates low line and power line fluctuations
Gas Supply- clean dry, oil free air or nitrogen @550 scfh, 85 psi flow rate
Continuous pilot-arc switch for cutting expanded metal or grating
Spare consumables parts kit
Positive work lead
Plasma to Machine interface cable
Recommended Pierce Capacity – 1 inch Mild Steel
Maximum Pierce Capacity - 1 inch Mild Steel
Maximum Edge Start - 1-1/2 inch Mild Steel
480/600V, 100% duty cycle @ 125amps
Standard Model Input Voltage: 480/600V 3-phase Only
Recommended Fuse @ 380V: 60 AMP Slow Blow
Recommended Fuse @ 400V: 60 AMP Slow Blow
Recommended Fuse @ 480V: 50 AMP Slow Blow
Recommended Fuse @ 600V: 40 AMP Slow Blow --------------- $8,000.00
Shop Pro Stationary Beam-Tube Cutting Option: This option is used for holding tube and or beams off the front off the table to allow the cutting head to cut on a flat surface does not include rotator.
ShopPro Torch Holder Retractable Extension Arm
Beam Cutting Trough Weldment
Maximum size 10 x 10
Length determined by machine length ----------- $2,545.00
Cutting Installation:  Installation and training to be performed by Koike Aronson, Inc. Installation charges are included in this quotation and cover labor, travel and living expenses. - $6,000.00
Commodity Surcharge: Commodity Surcharge ---------- $2,044.00

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