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Capacity (to Mild Steel) .250" X 10'
Capacity (to Stainless Steel) .135" X 10'
Shearing Tons Available 36
Rake (In Inches per Foot) .250"
Shipping Height 85 inches
Width 147 inches
Depth 85 inches
Number of Hold Down Cyclinders 11
Bore of Hold Down Cylinders 2 inches
Hold Down Tons of Force 31
Blade Size 1" X 3" X 124"
Weight 19000 pounds
Horsepower 20
Strokes per Minute FULL WIDTH CUT: 16, 12” WIDE CUT: 36
Below Grade no
Ram Speed in Inches per Minute-Down 110
Ram Speed in Inches per Minute-Up 173

Equipped With

« All Components Readily Available from Your Local Suppliers
« Precision Guillotine Drive Providing the Best Shearing System Available
« Super heavy duty, 36" travel, precision ball screw backgauge with 500 IPM travel speed. 
 « Backgauge includes manual swing-away backstop, programmable X-retract and up to 200 programmable jobs via Cybelec control.
« Manual, side adjustable, quick-change blade gap adjustment
« Off the shelf Cybelec shear control with 200 job programmability
« 80,000 PSI Capacity rated
« 5 Year Parts Warranty
« 5 Year limited onsite labor warranty
« Lifetime telephone support at no charge
« 4’ squaring arm with scale
« (2) Hand slots in the table
« (2) T-slots in shear table
« T-slot across front edge of shear table
Squaring Arms

Measured from BLADE to END OF SCALE

Additional 4’ squaring arm w/ scale                            2’ off table                                        $800.00

8’ squaring arm w/ scale                                               6’ off table                                        $1,500.00

12’ squaring arm w/ scale                                             10’ off table                                      $2,000.00

All arms are mounted on right hand side—Also available by request on left side of shear—LOW END OF RAKE IS ON RIGHT.

Table Machining Options

Additional T-slots machined in table front to back                                                          $200.00 (ea.)

Additional Hand slots machined in table                                                                             $300.00 (ea.)

T-slot across front edge of shear table-for sliding optional support arms across front edge of shear table                                              INCLUDED.

Ball Transfers

(Heavy duty transfers to allow easy material handling)

NOTE: Standard on all 14’ and longer and ½” and larger shears.  These transfers are mounted in holes in the table.

6’ shear (3 transfers)                                                                                                                      $1,200.00

8’ shear (4 transfers)                                                                                                                      $1,500.00

10’ shear (5 transfers)                                                                                                                    $1,900.00

12’ shear (6 transfers)                                                                                                                    $2,100.00

Transfers mounted on Squaring arm and/or support arm                                        $500.00 (ea.)

NOTE: Ball transfers are standard on all ½” and larger shears and on all 14’ and longer shears.

Support Arms

Longer arms available per special quote

24” Arms

(1)T-Slot Support Arm                                                                                                            $550.00 (ea.)

(1)T-Slot Support Arm with embedded Scale                                                                $650.00 (ea.)

     NOTE: Above does NOT include a scale in the table

(1)T -Slot Support Arm with embedded Scale AND T-Slot

             in the table with embedded Scale                                                                       $1,200.00(ea.)


36” Arms

(1) T-slot Support Arm                                                                                                           $900.00 (ea.)

(1) T-slot Support Arm with embedded scale                                                               $1,000.00 (ea.)

            NOTE: Above does NOT include a scale in the table

(1)T-Slot Support Arm with embedded Scale AND T-Slot

               in the table with embedded Scale                                                                     $1,600.00(ea.)

48” Arms

(1) T-slot Support Arm                                                                                                            $1,100.00(ea.)

(1)T-slot Support Arm with embedded scale                                                                $1,500.00(ea.)

          NOTE: Above does NOT include a scale in the table

(1)T-Slot Support Arm with embedded Scale AND T-Slot

        in the table with embedded Scale                                                                             $2,100.00(ea.)

Accessories for Squaring Arms and T-slots

Swing stop for squaring arm                                                                                                        $600.00 (ea.)

(1) Disappearing (gravity) stop for t-slot                                                                         $400.00 (ea.)

Protractor for angle shearing                                                                                              $800.00 (ea.)

Backgauge Options


48” Travel backgauge in lieu of 36”                                                                                           $2,200.00

This option will cause over-width shipment.

Not required if power swing-away ordered

Power Swing-away Backgauge With 48” Travel                                                                    $4,100.00

Swings entire backgauge up and out of the way automatically at end of gauge travel—This option comes with 48” travel.  Will cause over-width shipment.

(Manual swing-away is standard on all shears)

Automatic Quick-Change Blade Gap Adjustment

NOTE: Automatic quick-change blade gap adjustment is standard on all ½”and larger and 14’ and longer shears

Blade gap is set automatically via the Cybelec control when operator inputs material thickness. $5,100.00

Automatic Lubrication System

Requires air supply (80 p.s.i. / .2 C.F.M)

The auto lube system automatically feeds the required EP-1 grease to the lubrication points on the machine via a grease reservoir.  Includes automatic shut down and warning light when reservoir is empty.                          $5,300.00

Power Rake Adjustment

Rake is set automatically via the Cybelec control when operator inputs material.  This will make the rake flatter allowing less distortion in thin strips of material.  Unless requested at time of quote, max capacity cannot be sheared at low rake.

NOTE: Rake adjustment is primarily for slitting operations where best flatness possible in thin width pieces is desired                                                                                                                                                                $5,500.00

Opposite Side Rake

As standard the low side of the rake is on the right.  This option will make the low end of the rake on the left side                                                                                                                                                                $1,500.00

Paint Color

Standard color is Blue with white trim–Charcoal grey can be ordered at n/c, Must be requested on purchase order. 

For Special color—single color only sample must be supplied                                       $700.00

Shear Blades

Hi-Carbon, Hi-Chrome blades in lieu of standard blades—Only available up to ½” capacity
Recommended for customers using app. 75% or more stainless.

        6’, 8’ and 10’ shears                                                                                                                $900.00

        12’ shears                                                                                                                                    $1,000.00

Extra set of standard shock resistant or HCHC blades                                                       Contact factory Hold down cylinders

Cylinders w/ impact pads- for mar-free applications                                                         $1,000.00

Additional impact pads for hold down cylinders                                    
For 10 ga., ¼” and 3/8” shears                                                                                                    $30.00 (ea.)

Extra Hold Down Cylinder for opposite side of shear Up to5/8” shear                        $800.00

Independent Hold Down Actuation- actuates all hold downs simultaneously

without actuating ram                                                                                                                    $1,800.00

CNC Square gauge / Front gauge systems

Quotes available upon request

Pneumatic Sheet Support Systems

Prices include installation

Contact factory for other length systems.

Sheet Support Systems- Does not include conveyors or stackers

NOTE: Adding Sheet supports will increase shear table height.

                                36” travel                                                                            36” travel           

AS250-6                $16,700.00                                               AS250-12        $20,900.00

AS250-8                $18,300.00                                               AS250-14        $27,000.00  

AS250-10             $19,500.00                                               AS250-16        $29,200.00

For 48” Travel add $5,500

For 3/8” shears add $3,500.00 to above

Conveyors—Prices Include Sheet Supports and Trim Cut Containers

AS250-6                $32,900.00                                               AS250-12         $37,500.00

AS250-8                $34,900.00                                               AS250-14         $41,700.00

AS250-10             $36,100.00                                               AS250-16         $49,800.00


AS375-6                $39,300.00                                               AS375-12         $44,000.00

AS375-8                $40,500.00                                               AS375-14         $45,600.00

AS375-10             $41,900.00                                               AS375-16         $50,000.00

For 48” Travel Add $5,500.00

Stackers—Prices based on order w/conveyor

AS250-6                $11,500.00                                           AS250-12                 $13,100.00

AS250-8                $12,000.00                                           AS250-14                 $13,700.00

AS250-10             $12,800.00                                           AS250-16                 $14,700.00


AS375-6                $13,100.00                                           AS375-12                 $14,500.00

AS375-8                $13,400.00                                           AS375-14                 $15,200.00

AS375-10             $13,800.00                                           AS375-16                 $15,900.00

 Options for above systems

Electric counter                                                                                                                                $600.00

Additional scrap container                                                                                                           $800.00

Remote On-Off switch                                                                                                               $1,000.00

Mar-Free conveying for 10’ & under systems                                                                       $5,600.00 

     12’ & longer                                                                                                                                  $6,600.00

Oil Cooler


Fan radiator type—This is standard on all ¾” and larger shears and with all optional hi-speed systems      2,500.00

High Speed Systems

Contact factory for other hi-speed systems

Horsepower will increase with Hi-Speed Systems

                                                Normal Full                                 Hi-Speed Full

                                                length strokes                           length strokes

                                                per minute                                 per minute                             Price

AS250-10                                         15                                                     20                                 $5,500.00

AS250-12                                         14                                                     19                                 $5,500.00

AS375-10                                         13                                                     21                                 $5,900.00

AS375-12                                         9                                                       18                                 $5,900.00

Safety Systems

Light Curtain safety barrier system in lieu of standard awareness barrier                 $5,800.00

Can also be quoted on back of machine to enclose gauging area and/or in addition to standard awareness barrier.

Physical barriers/Cages to enclose back of shear-- Extremely heavy duty cage that surrounds entire back of machine with interlocking gate system that shuts machine down when open.  AS250, AS375 up to 12’                                                                                                                         $6,900.00

AS250, AS375 from 14’ to 20’                                                                                                      $8,900.00

Compliance Options

UL Compliance, CSA, ZED

As standard all components are U.L. listed but the system as a whole is not U.L. compliant.  This option will make the machine U.L. compliant however the machine will still require a U.L. officer to finalize the process onsite at facility                                                                                                                                    $2,500.00

Other compliance options may be available upon request

Extended Warranty Service

This package includes:

t A 7 year parts in lieu of standard 5 year parts warranty

t A 2 year PLC and CNC warranty

t A 5 year onsite limited labor warranty 

     In the event of a problem the customer will be required to help troubleshoot the situation over the phone.  In the event the problem cannot be diagnosed and troubleshooting has been exhausted, Standard Industrial will send in a technician at no charge to resolve the situation.

.135, .250” through .375” capacity shears                                                                             $4,500.00

Start-Up / Training / Maintenance Service

     Onsite FACTORY training/start-up is not included or required with purchase of a new shear.  Due to the simplicity of our machinery formal training is rarely required. 

     If one day’s training/start-up for the machine is required add the following charge (does not include physical installation/rigging/electrical hook-up, oil installation: All of which are to be complete before service technician arrives).

Pacific/Mountain Time Zone:      $3,800.00 (net)

Central Time Zone           $2,800.00 (net)

Eastern Time Zone           $3,400.00 (net)

Add $1,000.00 for each additional day required.


     If the machine is 50 H.P. or more, there will be a charge for 230, 208 or 200 volts.  The standard voltage is 230-3-60 up to 40 h. p. but can be supplied up to 480-3-60 at no charge.  50 h. p. machines and above are standard with 480-3-60.  Other voltages, phases and hertz are available but are subject to price increases.

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