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Capacity 140 tons
Bed and Ram Length 144 inches
BH (Distance Between Housings) 10' - 5"
Adjustable Stroke 8 inches
Maximum Open Height 16 inches
Closed Height 8 inches
Throat (gap) 10 inches
Three Working Speeds Fast Approach: 300 IPM, Pressing Speed: 23 IPM, Return Speed: 220 IPM
Motor HP 20 HP
Ram Repeatability +,- .0004”
Approx. Dimensions 156" L x 70" W x 115" H
Approx. Weight 22000 pounds

Equipped With

« (2) 24” T-Slot Support Arms with imbedded scale
« T-slot across front edge of brake bed
« 10” Deep gaps in side frames for bending longer lengths with larger flanges
« The parallelism between moving upper beam and fixed lower beam during is ensured by two precision proportional valves. Controlled by the CNC control (axes Y1 and Y2).
« Motor and controls. Electrics for 3/60/220/440. Low voltage at the controls. Emergency stop palm button.
« All Components readily Available from Your Local Suppliers
« All component’s original manufacturer and part number are included in machine manual so you will never have problems locating parts.
« Typical 20-30 Year Lifetime
« Manual ram clamps for American style tooling.  Available with Wila quick-change ram clamping optionally.
« Two-day onsite training in contiguous U.S.
« 29” travel, X axis, servo gauging system w/manual R/Z
« Two-day onsite training in contiguous U.S.
840 2D Graphical Control  
« Multi-touch touchscreen allowing operator to draw parts/tooling with finger/stylus
« Remote support/service and diagnostics via ethernet
« Windows 10 operating system
« Fully 2D Graphical control w/touchscreen
« 15” color screen on pendant
« Crowning correction in degrees (crowning sold separately)
« 2D identification of best bending sequences
« 2D graphical Offline software for desktop programming
« 2D collision detection
« Unlimited job storage via USB & Ethernet
« X, Y, R, Z1-Z2, X-Prime programmability
« Readily accepts most tooling files
« 30,000 hard drive programs                             
« Programmable delay & retract at pinch point                                      
« Direct connection of optional Mitutoyo protractor and Anglecheck devices to allow process angle measurement
« Inch/mm conversion   
« Auto return of ram included
« Low speed retract included
« Dwell/decompression included
« Onsite training at customer's facility
Readily available
Off-the shelf controls
Available anywhere in the world
Frame, Construction, Warranty
« 5 Year Parts Warranty/5 Year Limited Labor Warranty / 2 Year CNC Control / Unlimited telephone support
« Frame is an extremely heavy duty, welded fabrication minimizing deflection and crowning.
« Extremely rigid movable beam for minimum deflection
« Machine is flush floor mounted; no pit required
« Built-in overload protection
« The measuring of the ram position is made by two precision linear encoders located on each end of the upper beam. As the reference is always measured in relation to the bed, the ram position on bending depth is independent from the work length.
X Axis Servo Gauging System
« X servo axis
« 29” X axis travel
« X axis Speed: 15” per second, Accuracy: +,- .003”
« Manual R + Manual Z
« Gauge is rated for up to 450 ton x 14’ capacity
« Upgradeable to R, Z1-Z2, X-Prime, X1-X2, R1-R2 axes
« Upgradeable to 39” travel (longer travels are available)

« Y1-Y2-Axes +,- .0004” ram repeatability and programming of the ram position (vertical) as well as tilting +, - .750” (or more) for tapered bends (cones)
« Front Gauging 2 each – 24” Front support arms with imbedded scales also includes t-slot across front edge
« Programmable tonnage via the 840 control
« X axis, servo gauging system with 29” travel, manual R and manual Z
« Training: 2 Day Onsite training for operation, maintenance, safety and insure proper physical installation of machine.
Note: machine must be fully leveled, bolted to floor, oil in reservoir and powered electrically prior to arrival of technician.       ($1,000.00 per day for additional days)
10-12 Weeks From Receipt of Payment

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