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Punch Capacity 66 Tons – 1-1/2" in 3/8" material or 2" in 5/16" material
Punch Capacity Throat 12 inches
Punch Capacity Stroke Length 4 inches
Punch Capacity Cycles 30/min
Punch Capacity Working Height 40" to top of die
Angle Shear Maximum Capacity 90° 5" x 5" x 1/2"
Angle Shear Maximum Capacity 45° 2.5" x 2.5" x 5/16"
Angle Shear Working Height 44 inches
Section Shear Round Bar Capacity 1-1/2" (blade includes 1/2",1",1-/2" openings)
Section Shear Square Bar Capacity 1-1/2" (blade includes 3/4" and 1-1/2" openings)
Section Shear Channel Capacity 5" (channel blades optional)
Section Shear Working Height 48 inches
Plate Shear 14" x 9/16"
Plate Shear Maximum W x T 10" x 3/4"
Plate Shear Angle Mitering Capacity 4 inches
Plate Shear Working Height 36 inches
Notcher 2" width x 3-1/2" depth in 3/8" material
Notcher V-Notcher 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" in 3/8" material (V-notcher optional)
Notcher Working Height 36 inches
Motor 7.5 HP
Electrics 3/60/220 or 480
Weight 3975 pounds
Overall Dimensions 67" L x 32" W x 68" H

Equipped With

40″ Touch-and-Cut Electric Back Gauge (Optional extensions to 12′ available)
Machined Punch Gauge Table with X-Y Positioning System
Machined Notcher Gauge Table with X-Y Positioning
LED Magnetic-Base Work Light
Set of 11 Punches & Dies from American Punch –  3/8″ – 1-1/2″
Reversible Structural Die Block for up to 2″ diameter hole capacity including overhang for angle and channel flange punching
Complete tool kit with Manual, CAD Parts Drawings, Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics printed and loaded on a USB
Full tank of Hydraulic Oil
NEW HD Start Up Video including safety, maintenance, and operation
Extensive List of Optional Equipment: Accessory PDF
● Five fully integrated working stations
● Two cylinder operation with seperate remote foot pedals, one for the punch and one for the shearing stations
● Simultaneous operation of both punch and shearing stations (controlled independently)
● Punch cylinder with 4" stroke length and adjustable limit switches
     ● Cylinder is machined flat to insure proper alignment
     ● Cylinder has high-density bronze bushings
     ● Cylinder is keyed
● Heavy-Duty adjustable punch stripper with visibility windo
     ● Quick-change punch holder including all nessesary punch sleeves to accomodate up to 2" round punch
● Machined punch gauging table with adjustable X-Y back stops, scales and roller bearings for easy positioning
● Dual-opening die holder with overhang for punching channel flanges
     ● All nessesary die holders to accommodate up to 2" round hole
     ● Slug Bucket
     ● T-slot bolster for rapid adjustment of die holder and easy accessory mounting
● Angle shear with no material loss cut and four-edge stationary blades
     ● 45 degree miter cut of angles
● Section shear for 90 degree shearing of round and square bar up to machines capacity (channel blades available)
● Plate shear with special rake angle to keep shearing deformation to a minimum. Four edge lower blade and two ed ge upper blade
      ● Support table for plate shear with adjustable guides and scribe marks
      ● Adjustable plate shear hold down with opening for miter cutting of angles (Hydraulic hold down available)
● 40" electric touch-n-go back gauge adjustable to accommodate plate, angle shear and section shear
     ● Back gauge features a proximity sensor
● Notching station with rectangular blades for shearing flat bar or angles (Triangular notcher available)
     ● Machined notcher gauging table with adjustable X-Y stops and scales
     ● Notcher station guard with electrical safety interlock and flashing warning light
     ● Short-stroke switch for notcher eliminates need to adjust limit switches to shorten stroke
● Magnetic LED work light
● Jog or full-stroke functions
● 11 sets punches and dies, SUNRISE Type: 3/8",1/2",9/16",11/16",13/16",15/16",1",1-1/16",1-1/4",1-3/8",1-1/2"
● Hydraulic and electrical systems with high quality components
● Hydraulic system protected with suction strainer as well as spin-on return line filter
● Electrics for 3/60/220 or 480 volt operation. Low voltage at the controls.
● Emergency stop palm buttons on both ends of machine
● HD Start Up and Training Video, Tool kit, Manual, Electrical and Hydraulic Schematic
* Multi Opening Press Brake Attachment indexed front to back - 20" x 3/16" (For thinner sheet metal).: $1,950.00
* Single-Vee Press Brake Attachment indexed Front to Back for larger plates - 10 x 1/2" capacity.: $1,650.00
* Urethane Stripper with 3 interchangable inserts to accommodate various punch sizes up to 2".: $950.00
* 3.5" x 3.5" Triangular Notcher Set for Notcher End - Includes Gauging Table.: $1,450.00
* Pipe Notcher Complete Set for 3/4" Schedule 40 Pipe. NOTE: Pipe Notcher is installed on the quick-changing punch station.: $950.00
* Pipe Notcher Complete Set for 1" Schedule 40 Pipe. NOTE: Pipe Notcher is installed on the quick-changing punch station.: $975.00
* Pipe Notcher Complete Set for 1-1/4" Schedule 40 Pipe. NOTE: Pipe Notcher is installed on the quick-changing punch station.: $975.00
* Pipe Notcher Complete Set for 1-1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe. NOTE: Pipe Notcher is installed on the quick-changing punch station.: $975.00
* Pipe Notcher Complete Set for 2" Schedule 40 Pipe.: $1,950.00
* Channel blades for 3" x 4.1# and 4" 5.4# structural channel. *openings for both sizes in one blade: $1,100.00
* Channel blades for 5" x 6.7# structural channel.: $1,100.00
* Angle Leg-Up and Channel Web Stripper. Includes special narrow swing away stripper for easy access to punch (for changeover) using "castle" style punch nut and longer punch stem. Max hole diameter - 1.125".: $1,250.00

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